Growlers: Beer To Go!

Kona Brewing Company’s Growler Shack serves Beer To Go to the thirsty!

A “growler” is a half-gallon glass jug that is filled directly from Kona Brewing Company’s taps then sealed air tight for take-home. Holding 64 ounces, a growler will pour approximately four 16-ounce pints. Beer remains optimally fresh in a refrigerated growler for seven to 10 days, or for one to two days once opened.

Our growler is dark brown in color to shield its precious cargo from light – beer’s number-one enemy. It is adorned with the brewery’s good luck gecko logo, making it a fun and functional tote for fresh beer as well as an attractive gift or collector’s item.

Why is it called a growler? General belief in the beer industry goes like this: In the late 1800′s and early 1900′s, fresh beer was carried from the local pub to one’s home by means of a small-galvanized pail. Rumor has it that when the beer sloshed around the pail, it created a rumbling sound as the CO2 escaped through the lid, and thus the term “growler” was coined.

Kona Brewing Company’s Growler Shack also offers keg sales. Stop by or call 808-334-BREW (2739)
for more information.